Rokaru - that's "local" in Japanese. Welcome!

Not your typical Shabu Shabu restaurant in 
Pearl City - it's healthy, local and delicious! 

At Rokaru Shabu Shabu, you will find the traditional Japanese hot pot dishes, shabu shabu with all the right flavors! But that’s not all – we also serve you some delicious flavors from our other local cultures. We want to offer you healthy dishes that we locals grew up eating, whether it’s what you miss from your childhood or wish to try for the first time. In fact, some of our menu items are so local, it’s hard to categorize them as coming from one ethnic food tradition or another. Of course, many of our dishes come with a new twist, so you’ll never be bored. We have the sauces, the meats, the vegetables – locally sourced, fresh and healthy. 

The Best Shabu Shabu in Town!

We want to be the place you think of every time you have a craving for a steaming shabu shabu, the best hot pot or a tasty Japanese meal.  Our local products and flavors are not just delicious but also healthy! We offer non-GMO and grass-fed meals that we know you and your family will love.

We’re open daily and conveniently located in the Pearl City Gateway Shopping Center, so come in for a delicious meal! We want to offer food that is both healthy and fun to eat, and an environment where your entire family can have a good experience – Rokaru style. 

The reviews of our happy customers frequently include phrases such as “I’m sooo full!!” and “The desert is to die for, so have it if you don’t have room for it!” so you should leave plenty of room in your stomach so that we can help you fill it up. Come hungry, and we’ll change that for you!

Hot Pot Dining, also for Vegetarians!

We haven’t reinvented the way hot pots dining is done because we don’t need to. But we do everything with fresh, local ingredients. 

And yes, to all you vegetarians out there: while our meat dishes are so delectable that we think it’s sad you won’t be trying them, we have many delicious vegetarian options available! Just ask our friendly staff if you’re unsure about a particular dish. 
Call us today: (808) 455-3000
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