The best hot pots created with our secret soup recipes in Pearl City, HI

You’ll have the choice of one of our amazingly delicious broths, which will be combined with the meat or other protein of your choice, and you’ll have the freedom to choose the rest from a selection of vegetable platters or pick and choose exactly what you would like to include in your meal. If the choices feel overwhelming, ask our staff for recommendations! 

Savory Broths

The broths are at the heart of the meal! Each set comes with a tasty and aromatic specialty broth, such as the Shiitake Ginger Garlic (Psst! This is one of the vegetarian options!) or Spicy Sukiyaki broth, either from the Basic or Premium selection. You’ll also get a few complimentary sauces for dipping all those fresh vegetables and meats, so you won’t run out of tastes to try until you’re completely full. 

Grass-fed Meats 

Your hot pot dishes will include a protein of your choice, such as chicken, Berkshire pork butt, catch of the day, Kauai prawns or a vegetarian option. 

You can also go for the a Rokaru favorite and order a local or USDA short rib! 

Freshly Farmed Vegetables

Not only is our meat local, but so are our vegetables! Our food reflects what is seasonal and fresh, so you’re always getting the best on your plate. 

We feature enoki mushrooms, local won bok, kabocha, carrots, tofu, mochi and greens from Kahumana Organic Farms. All of these come with the veggie platter included in each Shabu Shabu set.

* - Rokaru Favorites


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